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At CDC, our focus is to deliver solutions that cater to the unique requirements of the Technology sector and guarantee an environment that is perfectly suited to your current and evolving requirements.

Building for you

At CDC, our tailored data centre solutions are designed to deliver the highest levels of security, availability and connectivity to serve our customers.

Connected ecosystem

CDC provides a range of specialised and highly secure services, connecting our customers and partners and enabling them to deliver the best outcomes for their business.

100% availability

CDC's facilities have been designed with multiple layers of resilience and redundancy to meet the highest availability requirements of the sector.

Sustainable facilities

CDC is committed to sustainability and taking an industry-leading approach to developing and operating our data centres for resilience and adaptability.

Secure, connected ecosystem

CDC offers our customers the unique opportunity to be part of a secure and connected ecosystem of the most critical organisations across Australia and New Zealand.

By leveraging the collective expertise and resources of our trusted customer ecosystem, technology organisations can deliver higher quality services, while mitigating cybersecurity risks.

This collaborative approach drives innovation, streamlines operations, and ultimately enables our customers to achieve their strategic objectives more effectively in today's interconnected world.

Redundancy and resilience guaranteed

Our data centers are meticulously engineered with multiple levels of redundancy to help ensure uninterrupted service for our technology customers.

This enables us to continue to operate seamlessly even in the face of power outages or disruptions. 

We offer a 100% uptime guarantee, underscoring our commitment to meeting the mission-critical needs of our technology customers. 


Sustainable design and operations

With both New Zealand Campuses having already achieved carbon neutrality in their first year of operation, CDC demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability.

CDC has set the mission to transition to Net Zero Carbon by 2030 for scope 1, 2 and defined scope 3 for our Australian data centre footprint by reducing the carbon intensity of our facilities, even as we grow. 

An ecosystem that delivers outcomes

Become part of the CDC ecosystem and Australia’s largest privately owned and operated data centre.

Contact a CDC customer representative about how your business can collaborate within a secure community.

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