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National Critical Infrastructure

The national critical Infrastructure sector plays a pivotal role in delivering and safeguarding essential services that nations rely on. CDC's tailored data centre solutions are designed to meet the highest requirements and, together with our customers, enhance the security, resilience and availability of this sector.

Building for you

At CDC, we build to meet the needs of each national critical infrastructure customer, ensuring your environment is fit-for-purpose, resilient, secure and adaptable to align with your present and future requirements.

Sovereign protection

CDC ensures the protection of your investment through sovereign control of our data centres as well as strict adherence to all security standards and privacy regulations.

Highest levels of security

At CDC, we design our facilities to the highest levels of physical, personnel and information security to ensure our customers' peace of mind.

Custom design and construction

We design and build modular, efficient, scalable and future-proof data centres to meet your requirements and enable rapid delivery.

Reduced corporate risk

CDC is the largest sovereign, privately owned and operated data centre provider in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.

In recognising the critical importance of data privacy and protection in the digital age, CDC has adopted the leading standards and best practices that provide the highest levels of assurance to our customers. 

Government level security

Security is a primary focus for CDC, allowing government and private and public cloud providers to handle higher classification workloads. 

CDC was one of the first data centre providers to achieve the Government’s Certified Strategic status under the Hosting Certification Framework of Government.

Our tailored solutions provide our customers the flexibility to choose the level of privacy and security to suit their requirements, including bespoke dedicated environments.


Scalable, modular design

CDC offers a robust infrastructure capable of scaling your environment in response to changing demands, ensuring optimal resource utilisation and cost-effectiveness.

Our modular architecture facilitates rapid deployment of additional computing, storage and networking resources as needed, enabling critical businesses to scale their operations without incurring unnecessary expense or downtime.

With our flexible design, organisations can tailor their IT environments precisely to their requirements.

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