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CDC is a leading data centre provider offering digital infrastructure solutions to a range of sectors critical to the progress of Australia and New Zealand. These sectors include National Critical Infrastructure, Government, Research and Education, Technology and Hyperscale.

At the forefront of data centre innovation, supporting our customer's AI, supercomputing, quantum, and classical compute platforms

 CDC has taken a deliberate approach to integrate cutting-edge innovations such as liquid cooling, modular design, high and ultra-high rack power densities into our architecture to support the requirements of advanced technology platforms.

Our robust security measures and scalable infrastructure make CDC an ideal environment for organisations seeking to harness the power of AI at scale. Coupled with our readiness to support supercomputing and quantum computing workloads, CDC is the data centre for organisations at the forefront of technological innovation.

CDC is for customers who cannot — and will not — compromise on the foundations of their digital critical infrastructure.

In partnership with our customers, CDC’s role is vital to ensuring society can function without fail, helping deliver the services nations rely on — everything from transport, to defence, energy, to healthcare, financial services to technology and more. 

These services, if destroyed, degraded or rendered unavailable for an extended period would have a serious impact on the social and economic wellbeing, or affect the nations' abilities to ensure safety and security.

It’s a unique partnership built on trust, respect and commitment to work together to secure national progress. 

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National Critical Infrastructure

The national critical Infrastructure sector plays a pivotal role in delivering and safeguarding essential services that nations rely on. CDC's tailored data centre solutions are designed to meet the highest requirements and, together with our customers, enhance the security, resilience and availability of this sector.


At CDC, serving government customers is in our DNA. Our customised data center solutions are meticulously engineered to provide the highest levels of security and reliability to safeguard your investment and the progress of the nation.

Research & Education

Research and Education organisations are the backbone of the innovation that fuels national progress, from understanding the mysteries of the world to scientific discoveries and much more. CDC's data centre solutions are designed to meet the requirements of this sector, ranging from high performance and scientific computing to quantum, AI and other advanced technology platforms.


At CDC, our focus is to deliver solutions that cater to the unique requirements of the Technology sector and guarantee an environment that is perfectly suited to your current and evolving requirements.


At CDC we understand that Hyperscale organisations require a fit-for-purpose environment designed to meet their unique demands for performance, availability and scalability. That is why we offer data centre solutions purposefully built to support the most demanding AI cloud infrastructure and services.