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Research & Education

Research and Education organisations are the backbone of the innovation that fuels national progress, from understanding the mysteries of the world to scientific discoveries and much more. CDC's data centre solutions are designed to meet the requirements of this sector, ranging from high performance and scientific computing to quantum, AI and other advanced technology platforms.

Building for you

At CDC, we build to meet the specific needs of our research and education customers, developing tailored solutions for your dedicated infrastructure footprints, including power density, vibration, cooling and availability requirements.

Future-proof complex design

CDC's depth of experience positions us as a reliable partner capable of navigating complex computing infrastructure projects with confidence and expertise.

100% Availability

CDC's facilities have been designed with multiple layers of resilience and redundancy to meet the highest availability requirements of the sector.

Sustainable facilities

CDC is committed to sustainability and taking an industry-leading approach to developing and operating our data centres for resilience and adaptability.

Innovative, next generation technology

CDC's next generation liquid cooling technology is helping transform the digital infrastructure of the research and educations sector. The seamless integration of CDC's power and cooling infrastructure supports the foundation of AI and high-performance computing. This innovative design enhances performance, while improving efficiency. 

Future-ready to meet your needs now 

CDC is one of the most experienced data centre providers of complex, large-scale, high performance computing. 

With a robust infrastructure and extensive experience designing high-performance computing environments to meet specific needs, CDC works closely with our customers to effectively mitigate deployment risks and project uncertainties.

This depth of experience positions CDC as a reliable partner capable of navigating complex computing projects with confidence and expertise.

100% Availability guaranteed

Our data centres are meticulously engineered with multiple levels of redundancy to help ensure uninterrupted service for our Research and Education customers.

This enables us to continue to operate seamlessly even in the face of power outages or disruptions. 

We offer a 100% uptime guarantee, underscoring our commitment to meeting the mission-critical needs of our Research and Education customers. 


Sustainable design and operations

With our New Zealand Campuses having already achieved carbon neutrality in their first year of operation, CDC demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability.

CDC has set the mission to transition to Net Zero Carbon by 2030 for scope 1, 2 and defined scope 3 for our Australian data centre footprint by reducing the carbon intensity of our facilities, even as we grow. 

Looking for a strategic partnership to safeguard your data?

Discover the value and the real differentiators of CDC and how we innovate to protect your investment.

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