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CDC. Progress. Secured.

CDC is the pre-eminent developer, owner and operator of sovereign, highly secure and connected large-scale data centres across Australia and New Zealand.

We provide the critical data and digital infrastructure that underpins security, social and economic wellbeing. Together with our customers, we ensure that society always has access to the systems essential for progress.

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In an ever-evolving world where data shapes the way we live, CDC is committed to safeguarding national progress

CDC is proud to lead the way in developing highly secure, large-scale, sustainable facilities which enable the progress that underpins the security, social and economic wellbeing of all Australians and New Zealanders.


Protecting your critical assets – all CDC facilities are certified to the highest levels of security.


Protecting your long-term investment – through sovereign control of your data centre.

100% Available.

Guaranteeing availability – to support the critical nature of your business and its outcomes.


Configure your data centre your way – CDC provides flexible, modular and scalable solutions to future-proof your business.


Continuity of your business – through geo-connectivity of CDC campuses via redundant hi-speed networks.


Net zero carbon certified in New Zealand and moving towards net zero carbon in Australia by 2030.

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Discover the value and the real differentiators of CDC and how we innovate to protect and future-proof your data and systems from mainframes to high performance computing, artificial intelligence to quantum and space. 

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