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CDC offers a comprehensive suite of data centre services including design, deployment, implementation, migration, security, operations and monitoring.

CDC’s meticulous approach to co-designing data centre infrastructure environments for our customers ensures our team is able to provide ‘fit-for-purpose’ solutions that are best suited to your specific data and digital needs, with options to scale and adapt as your requirements change.

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Pre-deployment design optimisation

We provide pre-deployment design services for all new client footprints at no cost.

CDC can design custom configurations that include Class B racks, 50kW+ racks, extra deep racks, custom rooms, suites of rooms or specially designed racks with precision cooling and power delivery.


Every major component is IP addressable and feeds ‘real-time’ information on rack temperature, humidity, power consumption and power capacity to a central dashboard. Threshold alerts can be set using a range of categories up to ‘Red Alert’ messages sent via SMS or email. Reports showing detailed trending analysis can be generated automatically, at any time, to help the team run their equipment most efficiently and effectively.

Remote hands

CDC understands that for some customers, being able to access the data centre facility is not always possible. CDC employs specialty trained and certified technicians to provide unparalleled hands-on expertise to their sites, 24/7.

Architecture and planning

CDC supports our customers to optimise their data centre connectivity strategy by leveraging our team of network experts, as well as our national partnerships as a telecommunications carrier.

Customers find it beneficial to rely on CDC’s expertise in particular where outbound or WAN capabilities are required for remote ICT infrastructure management and data migrations from external data centres or legacy locations.

Deployment and implementation

CDC offers specialist engineering resources to assist each customer with all stages of data centre deployment and implementation — from rack layout/design, networking connections, rack and stack and structured cabling services, through to hardware assembly, installation support, and hardware troubleshooting.

CDC can deliver a full turnkey solution to meet your business needs — facilitating design, connection and integration of infrastructure ranging from small systems up to full supercomputer cluster builds.

Customers do not need data cabling or electrical contractors to work on their equipment. The APC infrastructure is supplied pre-patched and fully wired.


CDC can accommodate customised security needs, providing additional security on a client-by-client basis at either the rack, pod or data hall level.

Operations management

CDC provides sophisticated tools for data centre monitoring and management for each client. These include capacity, asset and change management, private power metering and regular reporting.


Transitioning into new data centre facilities can be costly and complex. The CDC team provides migration services to ensure efficient, safe, secure and timely migration into the facilities.

CDC’s extensive specialist teams are experts in successfully migrating customers into the CDC ecosystem while ensuring minimal downtime and impact to systems.

Trusted provider of data centre services

CDC offers a comprehensive suite of data centre services including design, implementation, migration, operations and remote ‘hands on’ management. CDC works with each customer to ensure a successful transition to its facilities.