Connect with confidence

CDC provides high-speed, resilient and secure network services to ensure our customers’ critical businesses are always connected.

Designed to support business innovation through interconnectivity solutions, CDC’s services enable inter-city, site, industry and provider solutions.

We support all the core network requirements of business productivity with a 100 per cent availability guarantee.

Direct Connect

CDC operates a high-capacity, redundant optic fibre network in our Silverdale and Hobsonville region, enabling clients to lease optic fibre infrastructure for client and/or provider-driven interconnectivity in the relevant data centres. This provides the highest security, lowest latency, highest bandwidth option, ensuring your deployments are connected 24/7.

Private Connect

CDC’s secure carrier-grade private networks enable dedicated transmission for a client to connect two or more of their geographically distributed ICT footprints.

Private networks deliver uncontended bandwidth per circuit, native encryption, ultra-low latency, and unmetered transmission with high availability and carriage redundancy.

Ecosystem Connect

Our ecosystem enables limitless configurations for all our data centre clients and providers to collaborate and connect securely — without the need for internet or WAN services. This may be one-to-one or one-to-many — based on business and strategic requirements — and provides flexible subscription and bandwidth options.

CDC is also a Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute partner, securely enabling all Ecosystem Connect clients’ and partners’ connectivity to the AU Central Azure regions.

Outer Connect

Our suite of Outer Connect solutions makes connecting to the outside world a streamlined and straightforward experience. Whether it be internet access, cloud connectivity, or any other external need, CDC has an array of options to support your environment.

Innovative network of products and services

Designed and built exclusively for the CDC Ecosystem, CDC Connect provides our customers with a dynamic suite of network products, built upon our sovereign and secure, fibre optic infrastructure assets.

With limitless configuration options, rapid ease of provisioning and reliable high-performance options, CDC will tailor network options to optimise customers’ data centre investments.